Live in Care

  • When you or a loved one wish to stay at home but require care throughout the day and occasionally at night, 24 hour Live-In care may be a perfect option to remaining at home, instead of moving into a facility.

  • Our Live-In care package provides all the same great day time care services listed in the above packages; from morning and evening care to meal and personal assistance all day long. In addition, you have the added security of knowing that a caregiver is available if needed on occasion throughout the night.

Typically if Live-In care is provided on an on-going basis, there are 2 caregivers scheduled. One caregiver will stay for 4-5 days/week and another caregiver will stay for the remaining 2-3 days/week.

Live-In Care Assistance Includes:

  • Assist with Morning Care (bathing, dressing, grooming)
  • Assist with Evening Care (evening hygiene, dressing)

  •  Prepare and assist with breakfast, lunch and dinner

  •  Medication reminders

  • General housekeeping, laundry and bed making

  • Assistance with Therapy exercises (Physical, Occupational, Speech)

  • Assisting with medical monitoring/devices (if needed)*

  • Mobility and Safety assistance

  • Late night assistance with toileting and mobility (when needed)

  • Caring attentive oversight and companionship

  •  Escort to appointments (medical, social, religious)

* Medical monitoring assistance could include assisting with blood sugar testing, assist with catheter bags, etc.